How Often Should You Do Tire Rotation and Balance?

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On average, tires should be balanced and rotated at least once every six months. As the tires are the parts of your car that are exposed most to roads, they will invariably suffer the maximum wear and tear. However, through rotation and balancing, you can ensure that your car’s tires last a long time.

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What is a tire rotation?
Tire rotation involves moving a car’s tires from their existing position to other positions. For example, the tires at the front or rear moved to the back or front and vice versa. Every car has a different recommended tire rotation procedure that is thoroughly outlined in their owners’ manuals. The tools used to carry out tire rotations are lug nuts.

Why is tire rotation required?
Tires are rotated to ensure a simple thing – even tread wear. If tires are not rotated, uneven tread patterns will emerge, and they will be rendered useless much quicker. Even tires and wheels facilitate balanced handling, which is essential if you want to have a smooth car-driving experience. For many tire manufacturers, tire rotations are also required to keep their respective warranties active, be it the tires in use or a spare tire.
Different types of vehicle drivetrains require different rotations. For example, for a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the dual rear tires, once moved to the front, should stay the same-sided, i.e., the left rear tire and the right rear tire should become the left front tire and right-front tire. Different cars should follow different rotation patterns based on the instructions provided in their respective owners’ manuals.

What is tire balancing?
Another thing that is typically done to avoid uneven wear of tires is tire balancing. Tire balancing ensures that all the tires are supporting a vehicle’s weight equally. Not balancing tires affects tread depth adversely. On average, you should balance your car’s tires every 12,000 miles.

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