How To Set Mazda Cruise Control

Using the cruise control on vehicles is relatively the same across the board. There may be little idiosyncrasies involved, however, from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer. When in doubt, check your owner’s manual, or call a representative of your local Mazda dealer for assistance.

Here, we’ll go through some steps you’ll need to take to set your Mazda cruise control.

What Is Cruise Control?

Also referred to as tempomat, auto cruise, cruise command, and speed control, cruise control is a system that automatically controls a vehicle’s speed. The motor throttle is taken over by a “servo mechanism” to maintain the driver-set speed at a steady pace. Even in the early 1900s – in early automobiles – speed control actually did exist. To set the speed, a lever on the steering column was used.

Improvements were made in 1908. In 1948, modern cruise control was created. A patent was acquired for a “constant speed regulator” in 1955. Using a dashboard control dial, “auto-pilot” was featured on the 1958 Chrysler Imperial.

Advancements and improvements were made through the years until cruise control became what it is today and is, in fact, now standard in many vehicles.

Cruise Control Switch

There are three basic parts to your cruise control switch:

  • Cruise switch
  • RES switch
  • CANCEL switch


  • Press the cruise switch to activate the system. The white indicator light – cruise standby indication – turns on.
  • Press the cruise switch again to deactivate the system. The white indicator light – cruise standby indication – turns off.

Setting Your Speed

  • By pressing the cruise switch, activate the system. The white indicator light – cruise standby indication – turns on.
  • To the desired speed, accelerate (for this to be successful, it must be in excess of 16 mph).
  • Using the accelerator pedal, to the desired vehicle speed, adjust the system.
  • Depress the RES switch down (SET-) or up (SET+) to begin cruise control. In the instrument cluster, the green indicator light – cruise control indication – turns on at that time. When the green indicator turns on, release the switch quickly.

You can increase your speed using the cruise control or simply by going faster with the accelerator pedal and then re-setting your speed.

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