How To Start A Mazda Hybrid Car

You probably had at least a minimal understanding of how to start a car since before you even began driving. But with the evolution of hybrid cars, does the process change?

Regarding the operation of a hybrid vehicle, new owners may be initially confused. Questions frequently arise as a result of this confusion. Before we go any further, please be aware that Empire Mazda is happy to answer any and all questions you have about your hybrid Mazda. Just give us a call or stop in.

Here, you will see information regarding how to start a Mazda hybrid car, and how it may differ from starting a traditional or standard vehicle. A significant factor here is that hybrid cars run so quietly. More on that shortly.

Starting Your Hybrid

Just like any other vehicle that starts with a pushbutton mechanism, your hybrid starts the same way.

  • Make sure the brake is being applied
  • Push the start button
  • You are all set to begin your journey

What confuses a lot of people now is the fact that the engine is so very quiet. They may not even be sure their vehicle started, because of this.

You’ll hear significant under-the-hood engine sounds when you’re driving a traditional vehicle. This is particularly applicable if you idle in traffic or slow down for a stop sign. On the other hand, hybrid vehicles make very little noise. Because of this, some people think the engine isn’t working properly or that it shut off.

Hybrid vehicles naturally have quieter engines. Eventually, you may learn to appreciate this noise reduction. It’ll help you feel more relaxed (less stressed) on the road and means less noise in the cabin.

Pushbutton Start Operation

You may be wondering how, just by pushing a big round button, your car knows it’s okay to start. To get into the car, you very likely used your key fob, so it’s with you. Once you’re in the car, it serves as a transmitter. To the vehicle self, it sends a low frequency signal. Unique to your vehicle, your ID signal lets it know it’s okay for the car to start. You can press the START button, once you and your fob are inside, and the signal is picked up by the car’s receiver. To start the engine, appropriate power is then sent.

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