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Today, Mazda is one of the most well-known automakers in the world. The company has come a long way from its humble beginnings to become the world-renowned brand it is today that is associated with quality and trust.

Mazda has not always been called “Mazda”. The company actually started as a cork manufacturer in 1920. Then, 11 years later, in 1931, the company, then known as the Toyo Kogyo Co., introduced Japan to a tricycle truck named Mazda-go. This was the first vehicle that the company ever launched.

Where did the name “Mazda” come from?
The name “Mazda” is a very fitting name for the company. First of all, the Toyo Kogyo Co. was led by its second president and co-founder, a man named Jujiro Matsuda at the time when the Mazda-go was released. In fact, it was him, along with other founding members, who decided to give the vehicle its name.

Apart from the similar-sounding name that the company name shares with its leader, Mazda also has another significance. Ahura Mazda is the god of harmony, wisdom, and intelligence in the earliest West Asian civilization. So, Matsuda, along with the founding members of the company, thought that the name “Mazda” would symbolize the beginning of both the Eastern and Western civilizations. On top of this, they believed it would be a great symbol of everything that the automotive industry and culture stand for.

With these beliefs, The Toyo Kogyo Co. was renamed as Mazda Motor Corporation. Ever since its inception, Mazda has always strived to be a light and symbol of harmony not just in the global automotive industry, but also to the world at large. The company has definitely achieved this over the years, and there is no denying that Mazda has lived up to its name.

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